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Crochendy Bethesda Pottery

Ian Dodgson
b. 1957

Ian Dodgson worked in ceramics from the age of 14, under the guidance of Dick Unsworth of Ingleton Pottery. From the age of 25 he bought and sold fine arts and had various galleries in the North of England.

In the late 90s he started developing Ceramica Mogan Pottery and in January 2005 took over part of Cerámica in Mogán as his studio. In 2003 he decided to share his passion for art. This website is the result.

"Cerámica Mogán" pottery, designed and hand-thrown by Ian Dodgson, is available at Cerámica's shop in Gran Canaria and via the website.

Dick Unsworth
b. 1947

Dick Unsworth established Ingleton Pottery in N.Yorkshire in 1971, where he specialises in high-fired hand-thrown stoneware for which he developed his own recipes for clay and glazes. Jill, his wife does the decorating and glazing.

Ceramica in Mogán pueblo
"Ceramica" in Mogan

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Unglazed Ware
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Glazed ware
Glazed Ware
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Cerámica Mogán

Map of part of Mogan

"Ceramica Mogan" hand-thrown pottery is made locally and is available at Cerámica, a long established shop selling pottery in the village of Mogán. Our speciality is a range of unusual unglazed ware inspired by the local landscape.


We also make a large range of tableware, including bowls, vases, goblets, oil and vinegar bottles, salt and pepper containers, and to light your table at night, oil lamps. Take a look at our glazed tableware.

Something special

There is also a display of Ian Dodgson's fine art studio ceramics which may be bought at the shop or ordered directly. To see examples of these pieces take a look at the potter's webpage.


The shop is on the main road through Mogán, opposite the Police Station. There is parking just across the street, and for refreshment or a meal, one of the best restaurants in the locality, the Acaymo, is just a few metres away.

Tableware by Ceramica Mogan
Tableware by Ceramica Mogan
The potter at work
Ceramica in Mogán pueblo

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